Mabel & Mack & Me (my name is Larry)




WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27th-7:30 pm here at the L.E.B.-Mabel & Mack & Me! On the eve of Cinecon, the annual festival so fantastic one of my employees becomes invisible, we present for you an evening we think you’ll enjoy. Not one, but 2 authors to tell the story of Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett ,Keystone & the early days of Hollywood. Jon Boorstin brings us “Mabel & Me” a fact based novel with more fact then most non-fiction on the subject. Brent Walker brings the new paperback edition of, “Mack Senett’s Fun Factory”, a filmography with over 1,000 credits, 280 photos & biographies on many of the early Keystone performers. What could make this night better? How about we show a couple of shorts featuring Mabel & friends? That should do it. So, if you’re down for Cinecon or just want a great Wednesday night out, pretend it’s 100 years ago, get in the Model T and come on over to Larry Edmunds Bookshop! It’s Mabel! It’s Mack! It’s Me! (my name is Larry). Below there is a little more book information for you to peruse. Hope we see you next Wednesday!


About the Book This is a comprehensive career study and filmography of Mack Sennett, cofounder of Keystone Studios, home of the Keystone Kops and other vehicles that showcased his innovative slapstick comedy. The filmography covers the more than 1,000 films Sennett produced, directed, wrote or appeared in between 1908 and 1955, including casts, credits, synopses, production and release dates, locations, cross-references of remade stories and gags, footage excerpted in compilations, identification of prints existing in archives, and other information. The book, featuring 280 photographs, also contains biographies of several hundred performers and technical personnel connected with Sennett. About the Author(s) Brent E. Walker is a web developer and historian who has contributed to numerous film publications, DVD commentaries, and Turner Classic Movies. He lives in Long Beach, California.

Mabel and Me is a novel about the Movies—a sharply observed, historically accurate, deliciously intimate story set in the earliest days of motion pictures. Beautifully told, this is a tale of Jack, his coming of age with the Movies,

and his passionate, destructive, and ultimately liberating love for one of the very first movie stars, the sweetheart of slapstick—Mabel Normand. Theirs is the story of the birth of the modern movie age. It’s a story they lived together. Day in, day out. Until they didn’t. Mabel Normand was the model for the modern woman: her brief life, from slapstick girl to box­office bonanza to drug addict to modern savvy star, embodied the evolution of the Movies. She was the Queen of Comedy,

a flapper a decade before flappers, the first to have her name emblazoned in the title of a picture, the first director of Charlie Chaplin’s tramp—not to mention the person who convinced Mack Sennett to give Chaplin his first break, immediately recognizing his comic genius.

Mabel was the first woman allowed to be both beautiful and funny, the model for the modern comedic star, and she was shockingly sexy at the time.

Watching Mabel on screen was like “being slapped in the face with a perfumed glove.” Author Jon Boorstin portrays her love affairs—all fact­based, particularly her defining, explosive relationship with Mack Sennett—with humor, poignancy, and drama. Mabel and Me takes us directly inside the world of the birth of the Movies, inside the world of

Hollywood 1912. We become obsessed with motion pictures, in love with their mesmerizing power. Entertaining, heartfelt, and

unexpected, Boorstin’s novel delivers us to the first moments of filmmaking and recreates the sense of all that was happening on film

and behind the scenes for the very first time. Written in a voice that’s side by side with Hollywood’s premier female movie star, one

that’s close to her, and from a perspective that’s often privy to what Normand is thinking—even when she starred with Chaplin in the first feature­length comedy ever made.

About Jon Boorstin: His first novel, Pay or Play, was called “the definitive send­up of Hollywood” by Publishers Weekly in a coveted starred review. His second, The Newsboys’ Lodging­House, won the New York Society Library Award for Historical Fiction.

Boorstin has also written a book of practical film theory, Making Movies Work, which is used in film schools all over the world.

The work of an Oscar®­nominated documentary filmmaker and longtime screenwriter and producer, Mabel and Me is the culmination of

Boorstin’s lifelong affair with the Movies.



Douglas Fairbanks is “The Gaucho” @ the EGYPTIAN!

SUNDAY,AUGUST 24 @ 5 pm @ the EGYPTIAN THEATER -Douglas Fairbanks is “The Gaucho” w/ author John Tibbetts & friends!

Join us at the Egyptian for  the one & only Douglas Fairbanks, musical accompaniment & author John Tibbetts signing his new book, “Douglas Fairbanks & the American Century”!


Book signing at 5 pm, movie at 5:30 pm


Co-presented by the Art Directors Guild Film Society and sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter: THE GAUCHO, 1927, Kino International, 115 min. Dir. F. Richard Jones. THE GAUCHO is unique among Douglas Fairbanks’ swashbucklers in both look and tone, taking place in a magnificent white city, high in the Andes, purpose-built for Fairbanks’ amazing stunts.  Playing an amoral Bandit King, he dances an erotic tango with the Mountain Girl – the first appearance of future screen sensation Lupe Velez. With live musical accompaniment by Cliff Retallick. Discussion following with Fairbanks expert John Tibbetts and Patricia Ward Kelly, moderated by production designer John Muto.

Here’s a little more information about the book:

Douglas Fairbanks and the American Century brings to life the most popular movie star of his day, the personification of the Golden Age of Hollywood. At his peak, in the teens and twenties, the swashbuckling adventurer embodied the new American Century of speed, opportunity, and aggressive optimism. The essays and interviews in this volume bring fresh perspectives to his life and work, including analyses of films never before examined.

Also published here for the first time in English is a first-hand production account of the making of Fairbanks’s last silent film, The Iron Mask.

Fairbanks (1883-1939) was the most vivid and strenuous exponent of the American Century, whose dominant mode after 1900 was the mass marketing of a burgeoning democratic optimism, at home and abroad. During those first decades of the twentieth century, his satiric comedy-adventures shadow-boxed with the illusions of class and custom. His characters managed to combine the American Easterner’s experience and pretension and the Westerner’s promise and expansion. As the masculine personification of the Old World aristocrat and the New World self-made man–tied to tradition yet emancipated from history–he constructed a uniquely American aristocrat striding into a new age and sensibility.

This is the most complete account yet written of the film career of Douglas Fairbanks, one of the first great stars of the silent American cinema and one of the original United Artists (comprising Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith). John C. Tibbetts and James M. Welsh’s text is especially rich in its coverage of the early years of the star’s career from 1915 to 1920 and covers in detail several films previously considered lost.

JOHN C. TIBBETTS, Lenexa, Kansas, is an associate professor of film and media studies at the University of Kansas and author of twenty books on a variety of subjects, the most recent being The Gothic Imagination: Conversations on Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction in the Media. JAMES M. WELSH, Salisbury, Maryland, professor emeritus at Salisbury University, cofounded Literature/Film Quarterly, which he edited for thirty-three years, and is the author of over twenty books, the most recent being The Oliver Stone Encyclopedia.





BRAINQUAKE! The lost fiction of Sam Fuller!


This lost novel of Sam Fuller is lost no more! Join us at the Egyptian for an evening of  Sam Fuller including the classic, “Pickup On South Street” &  the controversial “White Dog”.

The LARE will be in the lobby selling the just released “BRAINQUAKE” a novel that Sam wrote while living in Paris.

Introduction by the lovely Samantha Fuller too.

Come on down to South Street, a.k.a. the EGYPTIAN on Friday August 22nd and get your Brainquaked!

116-Brainquake - cover


“A great, great, great storyteller.” — Martin Scorsese

The bagmen who transport money for organized crime live by a special set of rules: no relationships, no ties…no alcohol, no women…no talking…and never, ever look inside the bag you’re carrying.

For more than ten years, despite suffering from a rare brain disorder, Paul Page was the perfect bagman. But that ended the day he say a beautiful Mob wife become a Mob widow. Now Paul is going to break every one of the rules he’s lived by to protect the woman he loves—even if it means he might be left holding the bag…

“Personal, hard-hitting, idiosyncratic…

Everything was about storytelling, the great yarn.”

— Quentin Tarantino

“One of the great movie directors of the 20th century…

most certainly its greatest storyteller.”

— Wim Wenders

In a career that spanned half a century, Samuel Fuller wrote and directed classic movies that inspired filmmakers as varied as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Jean-Luc Godard, Jim Jarmusch, Wim Wenders, and Quentin Tarantino. He also wrote unforgettable novels such as the noir classic THE DARK PAGE—and this book, his last, which has never previously been published in the English language.

First publication ever in the English language!

Author was not only a legendary movie director, he was a decorated combat veteran whose WWII experiences included landing on Omaha Beach on D-Day and participating in the liberation of the Falkenau concentration camp

Fuller wrote BRAINQUAKE while in self-imposed exile in France toward the end of his life, following a bitter dispute with Paramount Pictures over his last American movie, WHITE DOG.

Acclaim for the Work of SAMUEL FULLER…

“Rich in invention and bursting with daring conceptions.”

— Jean-Luc Godard


— Francois Truffaut

“An amazing artist and voice in American history.”

— Jim Jarmusch

“One of the screen’s most dynamic directors [and] one hell of a writer.”

— Dalton Trumbo

“Uncompromising power and integrity…one of the masters.”

— Tim Robbins

“I love Sam Fuller.”

— Joe Dante

“Irrepressible…he allowed his most disruptively creative influences to run wild…he was superlatively, extraordinarily himself.”

— New York Times

“He got into the deep core of what makes up a human being.”

— Martin Scorsese


Lee & the LARE! A night for Lee Marvin w/ Mitch Ryan & Dwayne Epstein!

THURSDAY,AUGUST 21st @ 7:30 pm-At Larry Edmunds Bookshop-Lee Marvin Night at the LARE!9781936182572

When author Dwayne Epstein’s biography, “Lee Marvin-Point Blank” came out last year, we couldn’t wait to do an event with him and we did a multi-night stand with the American Cinematheque that covered both theaters and some of Lee’s finest performances from, “Point Blank” to “Hell In the Pacific” to “the Killers” with special guest Clu Gulager.It certainly doesn’t hurt that we love Lee, so now that there’s a paperback, author Dwayne Epstein is back!  This time however we’re going to do it L.E.B. style here in the store & not only is Dwayne coming w/ a clips reel of some interesting Lee Marvin TV appearances & highlights for your viewing pleasure, actor Mitch Ryan will also be joining us to talk about working with Lee in, Monte Walsh” !

Mitch began his career in, “Thunder Road” with Robert Mitchum & went has gone on to have an outstanding career, not only featuring those 2 films, but roles on, “Dark Shadows” & “Dharma & Greg” as well lots & lots & lots more.Come on down to the Lare & enjoy a night of talking about an actor who redefined what a leading man could be in the 1960′s. Come on down & have a drink & celebrate Lee Marvin!

Thursday August 21 @ 7:30 pm. Where? At the Lare!





Full Frontal Tenudity! It’s Judy Tenuta live at the LARE!

new accord close (High Res)



Book Cover

WEDNESDAY,AUGUST 20th @ 7:30 pm @ Larry Edmunds Bookshop-JUDY TENUTA in person! Full Frontal Tenudity!

Alright Love Slaves, the Love Goddess will be here at the L.E.B. in the flesh dispensing whatever punishment you deserve!

That’s right, we’re very excited to welcome the one & only Judy Tenuta here to the L.E.B. signing her brand new book “Full Frontal Tenudity”. Judy will be bringing a special edition with  a color photo section, not included in the new edition of the book. If that is not enough, Judy will also be reading from the book, and we’ll be showing some clips from her career! This will be a great night to laugh it up & you won’t want to miss out.

Caution: Full Frontal Tenudity ! Read at your own risk!

Need a good laugh? If you love the offbeat, wisecracking comedy of Sam Kinison and



Steven Wright, then you’re probably already a fan of Judy Tenuta, the Grammy Award-nominated comedian justly renowned for her brash persona, insult comedy, and hilariously shameless self-promotion as a “Love Goddess.”

Judy brazenly states, “Move over, Marianne Williamson! My new book is the greatest guide to happiness, fulfillment, and gut-wreching hilarity, and victims of Los Angeles public school system will especially love it because you don’t even have to know how to read! The pictures alone will put you into a fit of uncontrollable laughter!” Then, she paused, gazing wistfully into the distance to reflect. “My mother always told me I wouldn’t amount to anything because I procrastinate. I said, ‘Just wait.’”

Judy Tenuta gained notoriety as an accordion-playing stand-up comic in the mid-1980s. She has appeared on The Weird Al Show, music videos for Headline News and White & Nerdy,  Hollywood Squares, Street Smarts, and the 1998-1999 revival of Match Game. Her HBO, Showtime, and Lifetime comedy specials earned her a loyal following. She is also well-known for her voice work in as Edna on Duckman, as the Black Widow on Space Ghost Coast to Coast,[ and as herself in Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.















Turn Up the Radio Final

AUGUST 13,14,16 &17 at the EGYPTIAN THEATER in  Hollywood! Book signings August 14 & 16 w/ Harbey Kubernik!

BOOK SIGNINGS with author Harvey Kubernik Thursday August 14 & Saturday  August 16 for his new book , “Turn Up the Radio-Rock, Pop & Roll in Los Angeles 1956-1972″

The American Cinematheque & author Harvey Kubernik have put together a really solid line-up of classic rock and roll viewing next week at the Egyptian Theater here in Hollywood.

It all starts Wednesday night, August 13th with , “The Doors Live At the Hollywood Bowl” + special guest, photographer Henry Diltz with a slide presentation.

The next night, August 14th we’ll be in the house with Harvey signing his new book at 6:30 pm in the lobby before “The T.A.M.I. Show” with director Steve Binder & John Landis in conversation. John was actually an attendee of the T.A.M.I. Show.

Saturday night, August 16th we’ll be back with Harvey signing at 6:30 pm before “Pushin’ Too Hard”, a brand new documentary on the Seeds , with director Neil Norman & Seeds Daryl Hooper & Jan Savage in person!

It all closes Sunday with a night devoted to Frank Zappa featuring the film, “Uncle Meat” & 2 shorts being world premiered. Special guest Gail Zappa will be in the house too!

For more details & ticket info :

In the meantime, TURN UP THE RADIO!

Here’s a litlle more info on the book you should buy :

The Book

Combining oral and illustrated history with a connective narrative, Turn Up the Radio! captures the zeitgeist of the Los Angeles rock and pop music world between the years of 1956 and 1972. Featuring hundreds of rare and previously unpublished photographs and images of memorabilia, this collection highlights dozens of iconic bands and musicians, including the Doors, the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, CSN, the Monkees, the Rolling Stones, Ike and Tina Turner, Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Ritchie Valens, Sam Cooke, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, Thee Midniters, Barry White, Sonny and Cher, and many others. Packed with exclusive interviews, this one-of-a-kind keepsake of rock, pop, and roll in the City of Angels is a must-have for any music fan.

The Author

Harvey Kubernik, a native of Los Angeles, California, has been a noted music journalist for over forty years. A former West Coast A&R director for MCA Records, Kubernik is the author of five books, including This Is Rebel Music, A Perfect Haze: The Illustrated History of the Monterey International Pop Festival (co-authored by Kenneth Kubernik), and Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon.

Turn Up the Radio Final

JASON LIVES @ at Larry Edmunds Bookshop w/ director Tom McLoughlin!



Strange Idea for web 4_5_14-360x360

WEDNESDAY,JULY 3oth @ 7:30 pm @ LARRY EDMUNDS BOOKSHOP!  Come get a photo with Jason!

Director /writer / musician Tom McLoughlin  w/ special guests Joseph Maddrey & JASON!

That’s right apparently, after being resurrected in “Jason Lives” our favorite cinematic serial killer has become a lifelong fan of Mr. McLoughlin’s and he’ll be joining us next Wednesday here at Larry Edmunds Bookshop!

Tom will be signing his book, “A Strange Idea For Entertainment…” with co-author Joseph Maddrey & a special guest appearance by JASON! Clips & conversation w/ the one & only Tom McLoughlin!

Tom McLoughlin’s reel life began in 1957 at the age of seven, making 8mm movies in the back lots of MGM studios. He was a magician during the 50s, a rock musician in the 60s (opening for groups like The Doors), a mime in the 70s (studying in Paris with Marcel Marceau), and a writer (Emmy nominated for his work with Dick Van Dyke & Company). In the 1980s, Tom fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker. He has directed more than 40 feature film and television projects, including Friday the 13th: Jason Lives and the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated miniseries In a Child’s Name. Today he continues to pursue his eclectic passions, touring worldwide as the lead singer of the rock band The Sloths while preparing for postmortem appearances at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This is the behind-the-scenes story of the strange business of creative obsession…. and one man’s strange idea of entertainment.

Also included in the book is a copy of the original treatment for  “Jason Lives” reprinted for the first time!

It will be a great night here next Wednesday at the LARE so, come on down for “A Strange Idea of Entertainment”!

Jason & book



TIKI Time!-It’s “Don the Beachcomber” & “Tiki Pop” w/ author Sven Kirsten!



SUNDAY,JULY 27th-3 pm @ the EGYPTIAN THEATER- It’s “Don The Beachcomber” & “TIKI POP” w/ SVEN KIRSTEN!

Join us this Sunday at the Egyptian Theater for another Tiki extravanganza! We had so much fun last time, we’ve been invited back to be part of a whole new program brought to you by the Art Deco Society & the American Cinematheque with Tiki guru Sven Kirsten at the helm.

Sven will be signing the hot off the press new book from Taschen, “Tiki Pop” as well as a presentation on “Don the Beachcomber”.

Authors Ed Rampell & Luis Reyes will also be joining me once again signing, The Hawaii Movie & Television Book” too, so if you missed out last time, get a signed copy before you settle in for “Enchanted Island”.

We’ll be in the lobby from 3-4 pm with this Tiki book totem as well as from 5-5:30 pm for a break between the lecture & the film along with Tiki cocktails for your pleasure.


Sunday, July 27 – 4:00 PM                                          ART DECO LECTURE

“Don the Beachcomber,” 60 min. Ernest Gantt – better known as Don the Beachcomber – established a string of Polynesian bars and restaurants beginning in the 1930s. Author Sven Kirsten will give an illustrated presentation about this founding father of tiki culture. Followed by:

ENCHANTED ISLAND, 1958, Warner Bros., 93 min. The movie poster tagline screamed: Director Allan Dwan brought his trademark lyrical romanticism to this kitschy, bargain-basement adaptation of Herman Melville’s Typee. Shot on location as well as on some studio sets, this tiki-laden story of a deserting sailor (Dana Andrews) who falls in love with a native princess (Jane Powell, of all people!) gets the full Technicolor treatment.





























Lee Grant says “YES” @ the AERO!


Thursday, July 17th-6:30 pm @ the AERO THEATER in Santa Monica-It’s LEE GRANT

“Having had the privilege to work with Lee Grant on the motion picture screen was truly a delight. Now, out of nowhere, she has written a most wonderful book about her family and herself.  It’s warm, it’s touching and it’s a book that speaks of the human experience.”

—Sidney Poitier

When I saw this book coming out, I really worked hard to try & get a date with Lee Grant. Not only for her fantastic on-screen performances, but stage, behind the camera & a page turning real life too!. It will be an honor to be at the Aero on Thursday, July 17th @ 6:30 pm as we welcome Lee Grant for a double bill of, “Shampoo” & “The Landlord” as well as a Q & A with Lee & Cinematheque cineaste Larry Karaszewski and a signing for her brand new autobiography, “I Said Yes To Everything”.

Signing as usual will occur at 6:30 pm in the Aero lobby, with Q & A between films.

Don’t miss this Academy nominated performance and conversation with the one & only Lee Grant!

If you’re getting your hair done in Beverly Hills and you can’t make it, we can get a signed copy sent your way!

See you in Santa Monica on the 17th!

Here’s a little more info on :


Academy Award-winning actress Lee Grant takes readers on a whirlwind ride through her extraordinary, unexpected life (including twelve years on the Hollywood blacklist) and a dazzling tour of American theater and film in I SAID YES TO EVERYTHING: A Memoir

Grant was one of the brightest stars of her time, appearing in classic films like Shampoo, In the Heat of the Night, Valley of the Dolls, and Plaza Suite, as well as on television in the 1960s cultural phenomenon Peyton Place (for which she won an Emmy).  Remarkably for a woman of her day, she went on to a distinguished three-decade career as a director, directing an Oscar-winning documentary and earning a Director’s Guild Award.  Her talent, intelligence, grit, wit, and passion have made her one of her profession’s most respected and beloved figures, but her life outside the spotlight was as eventful and consequential as her career on stage and screen.

By the age of twenty-four, Grant was a Broadway star, a Vogue “It Girl,” and an Academy Award nominee.  Against the wishes of her parents, she married a divorced older screenwriter and became stepmother to his children.  But it all came crashing down in the 1950s, when because of one courageous speech and her association with her leftist husband she was put on the Hollywood blacklist, which prevented her from working in film and television.  As her oppressive marriage disintegrated, she struggled to maintain her career and to support her young daughter while fighting the anti-communist hysteria of the McCarthy era that was sweeping the country and decimating the entertainment industry.


When she was finally dropped from the blacklist, Grant moved to California and threw herself into the television and film work that had previously been denied her.  Acutely conscious of the twelve lost years in a business that worshiped youth, she had a face lift and falsified her age on her driver’s license.  By then she was with the man who ultimately became her second husband and her producing partner, Joe Feury – an Italian-American “tomato” ten years her junior with whom she had expected to merely have a fling.  For many years they lived in a house overlooking the Pacific in Malibu, where they often hosted celebrities including her Shampoo co-stars Warren Beatty, Goldie Hawn, and Julie Christie; directors Hal Ashby and John Schlesinger; screenwriter Waldo Salt (Midnight Cowboy and Coming Home); actors Michael Douglas, Ron Rifkin, and Roddy McDowall; and all their kids and local friends.


Among the other celebrities appearing in Grant’s memoir, about whom she tells delightful and eye-opening stories, are Shelley Winters, Elizabeth Taylor, Mia Farrow, Sidney Poitier, Elia Kazan, Oscar Levant, Henry Fonda, Burt Lancaster, Laurence Olivier, Maureen Stapleton, Lenny Bruce, Joe Papp, Sharon Tate, Kirk Douglas, Karen Black, Neil Simon, Marlo Thomas, Grace Kelly, Roger Corman, Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal, Bruce Willis, Albert Brooks, Angie Dickinson, Frank Sinatra, and Burt Bacharach

Honest, witty, and vastly entertaining, I SAID YES TO EVERYTHING is both a compelling memoir of a singular life and an affecting universal story of a tenacious woman overcoming considerable obstacles to come into her own.  Smart, funny, and significant, it offers a revealing and highly personal glimpse into some of the most fraught days of America’s political history, as well as a time when women were just beginning to assert their own worth and to break into the top levels of the film business.  Through it all, Lee Grant navigates her travails, triumphs, and romances with heart and humor, embracing kismet and celebrating life.

About the Author:

Lee Grant won the Academy Award, for Best Supporting Actress in Shampoo and directed the Oscar winning Documentary Down and Out in America.  She has appeared many times on Broadway and in such memorable films as Detective Story (for which she received her first Oscar nomination and the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival), In the Heat of the Night, Valley of the Dolls, The Landlord, Plaza Suite, Portnoy’s Complaint, Voyage of the Damned, Airport 77, and Defending Your Life. She has also appeared on many television shows, including, Peyton Place (for which she won an Emmy), The Neon Ceiling (her second Emmy win), and the innovative 1970s series Fay.  She has directed Nobody’s Child (winner of a Director’s Guild Award), The Stronger, Tell Me a Riddle, What Sex Am I?, The Willmar 8, When Women Kill, The Gun Deadlock, and many other documentaries, as well as more than forty episodes of Intimate Portrait for Lifetime. She founded her production company, Feury/Grant Entertainment, with her husband, Joe Feury.  In 1989, Women in Film honored Grant with their first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award.  An adjunct professor at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, she lives in New York City with her husband.

shampoo-movie-poster-1975-1020170593 the-landlord-movie-poster-1970-1020227427


Brando’s Smile, Vivien’s Portraits & A Streetcar Named Desire


, JULY 16th-6:30 pm @ the EGYPTIAN THEATER- BRANDO & LEIGH- STREETCAR! DownloadedFile-1

The amazing Streetcar keeps on rolling. Some of Tennessee Williams finest words,Kazan’s direction and two of the screens finest performances, not to mention an all-star cast of co-stars. We’ll be enjoying the Streetcar big screen style on Wednesday, July 16th @ the Egyptian Theater, but wait, there’s more! The LARE is bringing authors Susan Mizruchi & Kendra Bean to sign their books,  the hot off the press”Brando’s Smile”  & “Vivien Leigh-An Intimate Portrait”. Two excellent volumes on 2 of cinemas most captivating stars on-screen & off. The ladies will also introduce the film w/ our very good friend Foster Hirsch! We hope you can join us, but don’t depend on the kindness of strangers, depend on the LARE to get you a signed copy of either book, or both and we’ll send them your way.

Here’s a little more info on the books :

Susan Mizruchi presents the Marlon Brando you’ve never met. When people think about Marlon Brando they think of the movie star; the hunk; the scandals. Susan L. Mizruchi finds the Brando others have missed: the man who collected four thousand books; the man who rewrote scripts, trimming his lines to make them sharper; the man who consciously used his body and employed the objects around him to create believable characters; the man who used his fame to foster Indian and civil rights. From Brando’s letters, audiotapes, and annotated screenplays and books—many never before available—Mizruchi gives us a complex person whose intelligence belies the high-school dropout. She shows how Brando’s embrace of foreign cultures and outsiders led to brilliant performances in unusual roles—a gay man, an Asian, and a German soldier—to foster empathy on a global scale and to test himself. In portraying a fuller Brando, Mizruchi portrays an even more fascinating man.



November of 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vivien Leigh, the talented stage actress and well-loved film star. Vivien Leigh will be forever emblazoned as Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind and Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire, but there was more to the stunning actress so many adored than these two roles told. For more than thirty years her name alone sold out theaters and cinemas the world over, and she inspired many of the greatest visionaries of her time: Laurence Olivier loved her; Winston Churchill praised her; Christian Dior dressed her.

Despite being a consummate star, Leigh managed to remain somewhat elusive. She never penned her own story, and biographers that did attempt to tell her real life story fell short, with the most influential figure in her life, husband Laurence Oliver, refusing interviews. But now, with the publishing of VIVIEN LEIGH: AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT, new light is being shed on the legendary star and her more personal life


In her new book, author Kendra Bean combines in-depth archival research from previously untapped documents in the Laurence Olivier Archives, new interviews with those who knew the actress, and hundreds of never-before-seen photos by Leigh’s “official” photographer Angus McBean. VIVIEN LEIGH: An Intimate Portrait chronicles Leigh’s entire journey, including: her birth in India; winning the most-coveted role in Hollywood history; international superstardom; her life as half of one of the great romances of the twentieth century; her battles with what today would be diagnosed as bipolar disorder; to her untimely death at age 53. It is a book that fans and film buffs will treasure.

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, 1951, Warner Bros., 122 min. Director Elia Kazan’s powerful adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ classic play made Marlon Brando a household name for his incendiary portrayal of working-class Stanley Kowalski, who collides headlong with fragile Southern belle Blanche DuBois (Vivien Leigh) when she moves in with him and wife Stella (Kim Hunter), her sister. 5459_073



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