Who’s that ? CUSACK! right here at Larry Edmunds Bookshop!

                                                                              TUESDAY, April 24th @ 11:30 a.m.

                                                                      It’s always nice to welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood, so we’re going to roll out the red carpet. Actually it’s the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who are awarding the 2,469th  star on the Hollywood Walk of           Fame  to John Cusack right here in front of our humble little bookshop.We would like Mr. Cusack to know  we will do our best to make sure his star is swept and shiny for all to enjoy. It’s the least we can do for an actor with such a resume that dates right back to when movies like “The Sure Thing”, “Better Off Dead”or “Say Anything” were part of my lexicon. His incredible career has just kept on going with so many great films like “The Grifters” or “High Fidelity” or dozens of others  and it will be an honor to have him as a neighbor right out front with Mr. Ray Bradbury  & Mr. Gene Autry. Let us be the first, but surely not the last to welcome Mr. Cusack to the Walk of Fame, and you’re of course invited to watch.

Guest speakers include Joan Cusack, Jack Black & producer Joe Roth. See you next Tuesday, April 11th @ 11:30 a.m.

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