Werner Herzog brings “Death Row” to the EGYPTIAN!

 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18th 6:30 p.m.

It’s Werner Herzog, and he’s bringing his latest cinematic work to the EGYPTIAN THEATER for one night only. “DEATH ROW” is a series of 4 portraits with different inmates on death row, and this will be the Los Angeles premiere. Lucky for us Mr. Herzog has agreed to sign a couple of previous written works , “Herzog on Herzog” &  ”Conquest of the Useless-Reflections from the making of  ”Fitzcarraldo”  beforehand. There will also be mini posters & dvds on hand, and a Q & A between the 2nd & 3rd portraits. We’ll have the signing at 6:30 and the screening at 7:30.

The L.E.B. is truly thrilled at the opportunity to participate in an evening with this truly original  filmmaker. See you at the EGYPTIAN!


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