TULLYFEST! A celebration of Irish-American writer Jim Tully


Join us  Wednesday night the 10th at the Egyptian where writer Jim Tully will be the topic of conversation.

Don’t know about Tully? I didn’t either.

Writer Jim Tully (1886-1947) was a man who led a fascinating life. He spent his teenage years riding the rails with hoboes as a “road kid”.He was a boxer, a tree surgeon, and a man who came to Hollywood and worked for Chaplin while honing his craft on his way to writing critically acclaimed novels like “Circus Parade”, “Shanty Irish” & “Beggars of Life”. His growing reputation as an American author helped him to launch a career as a Hollywood journalist with a developed reputation for doing something Hollywood wasn’t used to, the truth. Tully had many friends on his travels, the likes of Jack Dempsey, W.C. Fields, Lon Chaney & Damon Runyon among others. His path crossed those of other writers of his era like Shaw, London, Joyce & Fitzgerald.

Authors Paul J. Bauer & Mark Dawidziak have written what is surely the definitive work of the man with, “Jim Tully-American Writer, Irish Rover, Hollywood Brawler”. They’ll be signing it in the lobby of the Egyptian Theater at 6:30 pm Wednesday before introducing the pre-code film “Laughter in Hell”(1933), starring Pat O’Brien, and based on a Tully story. We’ll also have some of the novels of the man if you feel so inclined.

That’s not all there is to Tullyfest however.

SUNDAY,OCTOBER 14th starting at Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Our friends at the LAVA Salon, (Los Angeles Visionaries Association) are going to have a walking tour of locations relevant to the life & times of Jim Tully,headed by authors Paul J. Bauer & Mark Dawidziak and it will start right here at the front doors of the good old L.E.B. !

The walking tour is free, and time listed is from 3-5 p.m. but you do have to register, so click on the link below for registration, and more information.


We hope to see you on the rails of discovery here on Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon in Hollywood  as we give Jim Tully his due.

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