the return of VIC ARMSTRONG, a.k.a. Bond, Indy & the Man of Steel!

TUESDAY, JULY 31st @ 7:30 p.m.

A little over a year ago we invited stunt man extraordinaire Vic Armstrong to join us here at Larry Edmunds Bookshop. Little did we know, but should have that meant the entire modern history of action movies was coming to visit. That’s because Vic’s remarkable career has included everything from “You Only Live Twice” , “Raiders of the Lost Ark” ,”Superman” & “Blade Runner” to being the stunt c0-ordinator on the new “Amazing Spiderman.” The place was packed and it was a sell-out evening. So, Vic is back in town, and we’re glad to invite him join us again !

Very few people have gotten to glimpse the world the way Vic has and he’s got the stories to tell about working with guys like Arnold, Spielberg, Lucas, Connery, Harrison Ford and a cast of thousands more. We’ll also show a rockin’ highlight reel featuring some of super exciting moments that more than add up to a legendary career. We’ve got the book in both hardback, and the new paperback edition, but last time we sold out, so you should order yours ahead of time to be safe.

Come meet the man for whom Harrison Ford said,”If you learn to talk, I’m in deep trouble.”

Who brings you great nights like this? Your friends at Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

As always, we thank you for your business and hope to see you very soon.

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