Chris Elliott is “The Guy Under the Sheets!”








Thursday, October 11th @ 8 p.m. @ the AERO THEATER in Santa Monica

Why did Chris Elliott write an “unauthorized” autobiography? Because no one else would. A book so shocking & provocative that he then almost sued himself to halt publication.

This is Chris Elliott’s latest release , part , “countless episodes from the life a mediocre artist’, part “fictional fun”.

Chris is the subject of this latest Live Talks Los Angeles event taking place at the Aero Theater this Thursday, the 11th, and he’ll be grilled by none other than his former Late Night with David Letterman cohort , Emmy winner and New York Times Times bestselling author, the very funny Merrill Markoe. We’ll bring a few copies of her latest release , “Cool, Calm & Contentious” too, since the laughs will be coming from both sides of the Aero Theater stage.

Would you like to go see Chris Elliott & Merrill Markoe for free this Thursday?

There are a limited number of free tickets available for Larry Edmunds Bookshop customers at the link below. Book is not included with ticket.      

In case the free tickets run out and you still need one, head over to the Live Talks Los Angeles page  for tickets and more information about their other upcoming events.

The “Cabin Boy” thinks you should “Get a Life” and come on down to the Aero this Thursday, and if you can’t make it, order a signed copy from your friends here at Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

As always, thanks for your continued support, and be on the lookout for the guy under the sheets.


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