Penny Marshall’s “My Mother Was Nuts” @ the AERO!

WEDNESDAY,OCTOBER 3rd , 7:30 pm @ the AERO THEATER in Santa Monica

Penny Marshall in conversation with her brother Garry Marshall about what else? “My Mother Was Nuts!”

Actor, producer,director, Laker fan, Laverne DeFazio. “Big”. “A League of Their Own”. “The Odd Couple”.Friends John Belushi & Carrie Fisher. Europe on the back of Art Garfunkel’s motorcycle, and, growing up and her mother. And her brother. What a unique opportunity this is going to be to get to see the first female director to break $100 million at the box office not once, but twice in conversation with her brother Garry Marshall, the creator of “Happy Days” & “Laverne & Shirley”, and one of the funniest men out there.

Live Talks Los Angeles presents this stellar evening, this Wednesday, October 3rd at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.And you can get tickets at only one place,

You could also order a copy of , “My Mother Was Nuts” from us. We’ll get it signed and headed your way if you can’t make this night of hilarious conversation that we’re surely going to enjoy as we hear Penny’s story from  the Bronx to Hollywood.

You’ll be nuts if you miss out on this night, so head on over to now, and we’ll see you on Wednesday at the AERO!

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