Spend Halloween w/ Supermensch Shep Gordon & Alice Cooper!


Monday, October 31, 2016 8:00pm (Reception, 6:30-7:30pm)

Shep Gordon in conversation with Alice Cooper discussing his memoir, They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food, and Rock’n’Roll

The Bootleg Theatre- 2220 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

PURCHASE TICKETS-livetalksla.org

All persons buying the book get a photo op with Shep Gordon and Alice Cooper ** Please note Alice Cooper will not be at reception, but reception ticket holders are first in line to get your books signed and for the photo op. Books will be picked up at the event when you check in, and signed immediately after the talk.

Shep Gordon — in his storied career as a talent manager, agent, and producer — has worked with, and befriended, some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, from Alice Cooper to Bette Davis, Raquel Welch to Groucho Marx, Blondie to Jimi Hendrix, Sylvester Stallone to Salvador Dalí, Luther Vandross to Teddy Pendergrass. He is also credited with inventing the “celebrity chef,” and has worked with Nobu Matsuhisa, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Roger Vergé, and many others.screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-6-19-48-pm

“Reality has never seemed to important in the 50 years Shep and I have been working together. When we need something to happen, Shep just works his magic to simply MAKE it a reality. I’m still not sure how he does it—he just has that natural ability to create scenarios and relationships that help to get you where you need to go.” –Alice Cooper

“The amazing, incredible, unlikely-but-true story of the man who’s done everything, been everywhere, and was at seemingly every important moment in musical and culinary history. He’s a one-man history of cool. And through it all, he’s somehow managed to remain a mensch. Shep Gordon is a legend.”–Anthony Bourdain

Supermensch is an eye-popping peek into entertainment industry from the magnetic force who has worked with an impeccable roster of stars throughout his storied career. In this engaging memoir, the charismatic entertainment legend recalls his life, from his humble beginnings as a “shy, no self-esteem, Jewish nebbisher kid with no ambition” in Oceanside, Long Island, to his unexpected rise as one of the most influential and respected personalities in show business, revered for his kindness, charisma—and fondness for a good time. Gordon shares riotous anecdotes and outrageous accounts of his free-wheeling, globe-trotting experiences with some of the biggest celebrities of the past five decades, including his first meeting with Janice Joplin in 1968, when the raspy singer punched him in the face. They Call Me Supermensch is a sincere, hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the worlds of music and entertainment from the consummate Hollywood insider.

Alice Cooper pioneered a grandly theatrical brand of hard rock that was designed to shock. Drawing equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock, the group created a stage show that featured electric chairs, guillotines, fake blood and boa constrictors. He continues to tour regularly, performing shows worldwide with the dark and horror-themed theatrics that he’s best known for. Alice has been touring consistently, year in and year out, averaging over 80 concerts annually, both within the USA and internationally, with his band which features the three guitar attack of guitarists Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss, and Tommy Henriksen, plus the rhythm section of drummer Glen Sobel and longtime bassist Chuck Garric.


DRACULA in Santa Monica w/ David J. Skal!


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30th-6:30 pm signing/7:30 pm screening drac21

AERO THEATER 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica


Introduction by David J. Skal, who will sign his books, Something in the Blood: The Untold Story of Bram Stoker, the Man Who Wrote Dracula & Hollywood Gothic in the lobby at 6:30 PM.

DRACULA (1931) Universal, 75 min  – Director Tod Browning (FREAKS) and actor Bela Lugosi established the Transylvanian count as one of the archetypal movie vampires and a monster icon for Universal Studios’ golden era of classic horror films. This adaptation of Hamilton Deane’s then-popular stage play of Bram Stoker’s novel is quite different from Murnau’s silent NOSFERATU, and from later works coming from Hammer Studios from the 1950s through 1970s and Francis Ford Coppola in 1990. Real estate agent Renfield (played by everyone’s favorite madman, Dwight Frye) goes insane after visiting Dracula (Bela Lugosi) at his Transylvania castle and is thereafter confined to a London asylum, though he does the count’s bidding as a hypnotized slave when Dracula comes to Britain and moves into deserted Carfax Abbey. David Manners is Jonathan Harker and Helen Chandler is his lady love, whom Dracula wants to make his bride. Edward Van Sloan, a fixture in early Universal horrors, is Professor Van Helsing.rsp101dracula-s-daughter-posters



DRACULA’S DAUGHTER 1936, Universal, 71 min, USA, Dir: Lambert Hillyer – Dracula’s tormented daughter, Countess Marya (Gloria Holden), longs to escape the bloodsucking curse visited on her by her father in this haunting sequel to the Bela Lugosi original. But her efforts to do so prove futile as she stalks young women and attempts to seduce Dr. Van Helsing’s colleague, Dr. Garth (Otto Kruger), away from the realm of the living. A surprisingly effective little chiller with a good cast that also includes Edward Van Sloan, Marguerite Churchill and Irving Pichel.


51nno23obgl-_sx327_bo1204203200_ Something in the Blood -THE UNTOLD STORY OF BRAM STOKER, THE MAN WHO WROTE DRACULA by David J. Skal

A groundbreaking biography reveals the haunted origins of the man who created Dracula and traces the psychosexual contours of late Victorian society. First published in 1897, Dracula has had a long and multifaceted afterlife—one rivaling even its immortal creation; yet Bram Stoker has remained a hovering specter in this pervasive mythology. In Something in the Blood, David J. Skal exhumes the inner world and strange genius of the writer who birthed an undying cultural icon, painting an astonishing portrait of the age in which Stoker was born—a time when death was no metaphor but a constant threat easily imagined as a character existing in flesh and blood. Just as in his celebrated histories The Monster Show and Hollywood Gothic, Skal draws on a wealth of newly discovered documents with “the skills of a fine detective” (New York Times Book Review) to challenge much of our accepted wisdom about Dracula, Stoker, and the late Victorian age. Staging Stoker’s life against a grisly tableau of the myriad anxieties plaguing the Victorian fin de siecle, Skal investigates Stoker’s “transgendered imagination,” unearthing Stoker’s unpublished, sexually ambiguous poetry and his passionate youthful correspondence with Walt Whitman—printed in full here for the very first time.

Born into a middle-class Protestant family in Dublin in “Black 47″—the year the potato famine swept the country—Stoker was inexplicably paralyzed as a boy, and his early years unfold alongside a parade of Victorian medical mysteries and horrors: cholera and typhus, frantic bloodletting, mesmeric quack cures, and the gnawing obsession with “bad blood” that colors Dracula. While destined to become best known for his legendary undead count, Bram Stoker would become a prolific writer, critic, and theater producer, rubbing shoulders with Henry Irving, Hall Caine, and Lady Jane Wilde and her salon set—including her fated-to-be-infamous son Oscar. In this probing psychological and cultural portrait of the man who brought us one of the most memorable monsters in history, Skal reveals a lifetime spent wrestling with the greatest questions of an era—a time riddled by disease, competing attitudes toward sex and gender, and unprecedented scientific innovation accompanied by rising paranoia and crises of faith. Stoker’s battle resulted in a resilient modern folktale that continues to shock and enthrall; perhaps the most frightening thing about Dracula, Skal writes, “is the strong probability that it meant far less to Bram Stoker than it has come to mean to us.”

“Sharply written, well-researched (with judicious use of recent discoveries), attentive to detail, and entertaining to read. Skal’s is the finest, most balanced biography of Bram Stoker yet written.” — Sir Christopher Frayling, author of Vampyres: Lord Byron to Count Dracula and Nightmare: The Birth of Horror

9780571211586HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC The Tangled Web of Dracula from Novel to Stage to Screen

The primal image of the black-caped vampire Dracula has become an indelible fixture of the modern imagination. It’s recognition factor rivals, in its own perverse way, the familiarity of Santa Claus. Most of us can recite without prompting the salient characteristics of the vampire: sleeping by day in its coffin, rising at dusk to feed on the blood of the living; the ability to shapeshift into a bat, wolf, or mist; a mortal vulnerability to a wooden stake through the heart or a shaft of sunlight. In this critically acclaimed excursion through the life of a cultural icon, David Skal maps out the archetypal vampire’s relentless trajectory from Victorian literary oddity to movie idol to cultural commidity, digging through the populist veneer to reveal what the prince of darkness says about us all.

MARX BROS. at the EGYPTIAN! “Animal Crackers” & “Four of the Three Musketeers”


THURSDAY,OCTOBER 27th @ 6:30 pm/movie 7:30-the EGYPTIAN THEATER in Hollywood

Author Robert S. Bader has been working on this one for awhile & we couldn’t be any happier to be part of a fantastic night to celebrate the launch of his great new book, “Four of the Three Musketeers-the Marx Bothers on Stage”. Robert will be signing in the lobby & then will introduce “Animal Crackers” & we can all shout Hooray for Captain Spaulding!

If you can’t make it, we’ll send the Marx Bros. life on the stage on the page to your home, signed by the author.

ANIMAL CRACKERS 1930, Paramount, 97 min, USA, Dir: Victor Heerman

The Marx Bros.’ second film finds them running amok at a swanky Long Island estate where a priceless painting has been stolen. This invaluable record of their last Broadway show features Groucho’s immortal theme song, “Hooray for Captain Spaulding,” the classic bridge game and dictating-a-letter routines, and delightful support from the legendary Lillian Roth, plus Louis Sorin, Robert Greig and, of course, Margaret Dumont.animal-crackers-movie-poster-1930-1010436128


Four of the Three Musketeers The Marx Brothers on Stage by ROBERT S. BADER

Before film made them international comedy legends, the Marx Brothers developed their comic skills on stage for twenty-five years. In Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers on Stage, Robert S. Bader offers the first comprehensive history of the foursome’s hardscrabble early years honing their act in front of live audiences. From Groucho’s debut in 1905 to their final live performances of scenes from A Night in Casablanca in 1945, the brothers’ stage career shows how their characters and routines evolved before their arrival in Hollywood.

Four of the Three Musketeers draws on an unmatched array of sources, many not referenced elsewhere. Bader’s detailed portrait of the struggling young actors both brings to vivid life a typical night on the road for the Marx Brothers and also illuminates the inner workings of the vaudeville business, especially during its peak in the 1920s. As Bader traces the origins of the characters that would later come to be beloved by filmgoers, he also skillfully scrapes away the accretion of rumors and mythology perpetuated not only by fans and writers but by the Marx Brothers themselves. Revealing, vital, and entertaining, Four of the Three Musketeers will take its place as an essential reference for this iconic American act.

About the Author: ROBERT S. BADER is the editor of Groucho Marx and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales. He is the curator of the Bing Crosby Archive and produced the television special The Legendary Bing Crosby. Bader is also the writer and producer of the Warner Bros. documentary The Dawn of Sound: How Movies Learned to Talk, and has produced numerous archival DVD releases, including two sets of You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx. His recent DVD productions include the Marx Brothers TV Collection; The Honeymooners: Lost Episodes, 1951–1957; and The Best of the Danny Kaye Show. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and several dogs.


“As far as I’m concerned, the Marx Brothers practically invented comedy. And I love this great new book about them by Robert Bader!” —Jerry Seinfeld878882781_spaulding

“Who would have dreamed that there could be much, much more to learn in still another book about the Marx Brothers? Not I. And yet, Robert Bader—focusing on the under-researched vaudeville days of the hilarious siblings—has gone where no man went before, discovering a treasure trove of Marxiana to delight the hearts and minds of those of us who can never get enough.” —Dick Cavett

“I have read virtually every book ever published about the Marx Brothers. I have even written about them myself. Robert Bader’s book is a revelation.” —Leonard Maltin, author of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide and The Great Movie Comedians




the International Family Film Festival w/ Cari Beauchamp !


Next Saturday, October 22nd it will once again be time for the International Family Film Festival.

This year we’ll be joined by our friend, author Cari Beauchamp.

Cari will be signing copies of her recently released books, Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood & My First Time in Hollywood

Don’t know about the International Family Film Festival at Raleigh Studios?

http://iffilmfest.org/ for all the information.

IFFF SPECIAL EVENT – BOOK SIGNING (VIP Tent-Reception – Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 11AM-1 PM)

Raleigh Studios, Hollywood- 5300 Melrose Avenue

Cari Beauchamp is an award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker. She is the author of Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood; Joseph P. Kennedy Presents: His Hollywood Years and other film history books. Her anthology, My First Time in Hollywood: Stories from the Pioneers, Dreamers and Misfits who Made the Movies, was published in the summer of 2015. Her books have been selected for “Best of the Year” lists by The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Booklist and Amazon. Cari wrote and co-produced the documentary film Without Lying Down (2000) about the women of early Hollywood, which played on Turner Classic Movies and for which she was nominated for a Writers Guild Award. She also wrote the documentary film The Day My God Died (2003) about young girls of Nepal sold into sexual slavery, which played on PBS and was nominated for an Emmy. She writes for Vanity Fair and various other magazines. She is the only person to twice be named an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Scholar. She has appeared in multiple documentaries for TCM and others including Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood (2010) and The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011), as well as being a featured speaker at venues throughout the United States and Europe including the British Film Institute, the Museum of Modern Art and the Cannes Film Festival. She is currently serving as the resident scholar for the Mary Pickford Foundation and on the Board of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film.

my first time in hollywoodDownloadedFile

Getting “Wild” w/ Jane Alexander & Live Talks!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016 8pm

An Evening with Jane Alexander discussing her upcoming book, Wild Things, Wild Places: Adventurous Tales of Wildlife and Conservation on Planet Earth

Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre/ New Roads School/ Herb Alpert Educational Village

3131 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90404

PURCHASE TICKETS : livetalksla.org

Jane Alexander has appeared in 75 films, including Testament, Kramer vs. Kramer, All the President’s Men, The Great White Hope, Brubaker, The Cider House Rules, Sunshine State, Feast of Love, and Terminator Salvation. She has performed in more than 100 plays, among them The Great White Hope, The Visit and The Sisters Rosensweig, appearing on Broadway, London’s West End, and in regional theaters from Atlanta to Los Angeles. She has received, in addition to a Tony and two Emmys, an Obie, a Drama Desk Award, and a Theatre World Award, as well as being inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame. She is an impassioned wildlife proponent and conservationist, and former chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2012, she received the Indianapolis Prize’s inaugural Jane Alexander Global Wildlife Ambassador Award. She lives in upstate New York and Nova Scotia with her husband, the award-winning director Ed Sherin.

“Jane Alexander…understands the beauty of birds, and conveys her passion with power and conviction.” David Yarnold, president and CEO of the Audubon Society

In Wild Things, Wild Places: Adventurous Tales of Wildlife and Conservation and Conservation on Planet Earth, Jane Alexander writes of her steady and fervent immersion into the worlds of wildlife conservation, how she’s come to know the scientists throughout the world–to her, the prophets in the wilderness–who are steeped in this work, of her travels to the most remote and forbidding areas of the world as they try to save many species, including ourselves. screen-shot-2016-06-10-at-10-06-57-am

A Bright, Precious Evening w/ Jay McInerney & Live Talks


Monday, September 26, 2016 8pm

An Evening with Jay McInerney discussing the writing life and his new novel, Bright, Precious Days

Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre New Roads School Herb Alpert Educational Village 3131 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90404


$20 General Admission Section Seating/$43 Reserved Section seat + McInerney’s book/ $95 Reception (6:30-7:30pm) + Reserved Section Seat + book

Jay McInerney’s first book, Bright Lights, Big City, sold to Random House for $7500, and, when published in 1984, catapulted him into the ranks of literary sensation. Since then, he’s written six other novels, a collection of short stories, and three collections of essays on wine. A student of Raymond Carver and a former fact-checker at The New Yorker, McInerney wrote a wine column for the Wall Street Journal for four years. He lives in New York City and Bridgehampton, New York.

“There are some men who you wish would just grow up, and some men you hope will remain forever the same: boyish, eager, occasionally ridiculous…fun. Jay McInerney is one of the latter….The poster boy for 80s excess.” -Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

“Each generation needs its Manhattan novel, and many ache to write it. But it was McInerney who succeeded.”—The New York Times Book Review on Bright Lights, Big City

McInerney’s first novel in ten years unfolds across a period of stupendeous change—including Obama’s historic election and the global economic collapse. In Bright, Precious Days, he revists his characters Corinne and Russell Calloway, who are living the dream life in New York City. They find themselves — and their marriage — tested more severely than they ever could have imagined, as Russell, an independent publisher, encounters an audacious, potentially game-changing opportunity, and Corinne, devoted to feeding the poor, faces a man with whom she’d had an ill-fated affair in the wake of 9/11.screen-shot-2016-05-17-at-1-09-13-pm

“In the Darkroom” w/ Susan Faludi

jacket_faludi-2Sunday, September 25, 2016 6 pm

An Evening with Susan Faludi discussing her book, In the Darkroom

Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre/ New Roads School/ Herb Alpert Educational Village

3131 Olympic Boulevard- Santa Monica, CA 90404


Susan Faludi is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and the author of the best seller Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction, and Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man. Her most recent book, The Terror Dream: Myth and Misogyny in an Insecure America, was an unflinching dissection of the post-9/11 American psyche in the media, popular culture and in political life. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Nation, among other publications.

“In the Darkroom is an absolute stunner of a memoir?probing, steel-nerved, moving in ways you’d never expect. Ms. Faludi is determined both to demystify the father of her youth?‘a simultaneously inscrutable and volatile presence, a black box and a detonator’?and to re-examine the very notion and nature of identity.”?The New York Times

In The Darkroom is Susan Faludi’s most personal book to date—an extraordinary inquiry into her family saga. When the feminist writer learned that her 76-year-old father—long estranged and living in Hungary—had undergone sex reassignment surgery, she felt compelled to confront a past she knew little about and a person she had long put aside. How was this new parent who identified as “a complete woman now” connected to the silent, explosive, and ultimately violent father she had known? What did this mean for her as a feminist and daughter? If who we are is most profoundly forged by who our parents are, what did her father’s metamorphosis say about her own identity? Faludi chases that mystery into the recesses of her suburban childhood in Westchester County, New York, and her father’s many previous incarnations: American dad, Alpine mountaineer, swashbuckling adventurer in the Amazon outback, Jewish fugitive in Holocaust Budapest, commercial photographer who had built his career on the alteration of images.screen-shot-2016-08-15-at-11-13-47-am


Into the Dark w/ The Big Heat & Clifford Clinton- Cafeteria & Crusader


il_grande_caldo_1953-774x1024Sun, Sep 25, 2016 • 1:00pm signing/ 2 pm program at the Egyptian Theatre

Art Deco Society Illustrated Lectures –THE BIG HEAT Co-presented by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and Angel City Press

Join us in the lobby at 1:00 PM, where you can purchase copies of Mark A. Vieira’s Into the Dark: The Hidden World of Film Noir, 1941-1950 and Edmond J. Clinton III’s Clifton’s and Clifford Clinton: A Cafeteria and a Crusader.

At 2:00 PM author Mark A. Vieira will give an illustrated presentation on Clifton’s Cafeteria founder Clifford Clinton’s fight with corruption, the real-life events which inspired film noir classic THE BIG HEAT.

In 1937, flush with the success of Clifton’s Cafeteria, Clifford Clinton challenged corruption in city hall. As a result, the police chief, the district attorney, and the mayor conspired to silence him.

Followed at 3:00 PM by: 35 mm! THE BIG HEAT 1953, Sony Repertory, 90 min, USA, Dir: Fritz Lang Cop Glenn Ford tries to bust psychotic racketeer Lee Marvin, with a little help from his moll (Gloria Grahame); the infamous coffee-pot scene has lost none of its jolt. With Jocelyn Brando, Carolyn Jones and Jeanette Nolan. Strikingly photographed by Charles Lang.


Clifton’s and Clifford Clinton: A Cafeteria and a Crusader by Edmond J. Clinton III

Clifton’s Cafeteria—it might just be the most famous restaurant in the history of L.A. Nah, not because of the movie stars who showed up (oh, yeah, there were plenty), but because real people ate there. Millions of ’em since 1931. Nobody forgot that if a hungry person couldn’t pay, that was OK. The Golden Rule. That’s what the place was all about. So everybody came. Clifford Clinton owned Clifton’s—all of ’em—everything he did was about doin’ unto others. Nobody goin’ hungry on his watch. And when he saw corruption in his City of Angels, he went after it. He led a campaign to recall the Mayor. He cleaned up the town. His story is as good as it gets—straight outta Raymond Chandler, only real—Clifford Clinton’s never-published story, and more stuff about L.A. you just won’t believe. And the pictures. So many. They’re like everything you remember about Clifton’s—delicious. Like green Jell-O with whipped cream. (You gotta pay for the book, but it’s worth every penny.) clin-cvr1_grande

Layout 1

You know film noir when you see it: the shadowed setting; the cynical detective; the femme fatale; and the twist of fate. Into the Dark captures this alluring genre with a cavalcade of compelling photographs and a guide to 82 of its best films. Into the Dark is the first book to tell the story of film noir in its own voice. Author Mark A. Vieira quotes the artists who made these movies and the journalists and critics who wrote about them, taking readers on a year-by-year tour of the exciting nights when movies like Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce, and Sunset Boulevard were sprung on an unsuspecting public. For the first time, we hear the voices of film noir artists speak from the sets and offices of the studios, explaining the dark genre, even before it had a name. Those voices tell how the genre was born and how it thrived in an industry devoted to sweetness and light. Into the Dark is a ticket to a smoky, glamorous world. You enter a story conference with Raymond Chandler, visit the set of Laura, and watch Detour with a Midwest audience. This volume recreates the environment that spawned film noir. It also displays the wit and warmth of the genre’s artists. Hedda Hopper reports on Citizen Kane, calling Orson Welles “Little Orson Annie.” Lauren Bacall says she enjoys playing a bad girl in To Have and Have Not. Bosley Crowther calls Joan Crawford in Possessed a “ghost wailing for a demon lover beneath a waning moon.” An Indiana exhibitor rates the classic Murder, My Sweet a “passable program picture.” Illustrated by hundreds of rare still photographs, Into the Dark conveys the mystery, glamour, and irony that make film noir surpassingly popular.
 Mark A. Vieira is a photographer and writer who specializes in Hollywood history. He has lectured at USC, UCLA, Lincoln Center, Universal Studios, and the Hollywood Heritage Museum. Vieira has appeared in documentaries such as TCM’s Moguls and Movie Stars and Playboy’s Sex at 24 Frames Per Second. He is also the author of George Hurrell’s Hollywood, Cecil B. DeMille, and Majestic Hollywood, among other film-related titles. Vieira resides in Los Angeles.


A Thousand Cuts! Rare clips (& a book) at the Egyptian w/ Dennis Bartok & Jeff Joseph


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 • 6:30 pm signing/7:30 pm screening


A great night of film clips & the stories behind the finding of them with guys who did some of the finding.

A Thousand Cuts: Film Treasures Rescued by Collectors & Dealers

As 35mm and 16mm film sadly disappear, so goes the colorful underground network of dealers and collectors who fought over and hoarded these precious prints – often rescuing them from dumpsters and basements. Join us for a program of rarities assembled by motion picture archivist Jeff Joseph of SabuCat Productions, including footage of Alfred Hitchcock leaving for England to direct STAGE FRIGHT (found in a New Jersey attic); two-color Technicolor footage of the Marx Brothers shooting ANIMAL CRACKERS; the last surviving film of both Greta Garbo and Humphrey Bogart for never-completed projects; Judy Garland’s costume tests for VALLEY OF THE DOLLS; Bela Lugosi interviewed at home in 1931; the only surviving footage of Fred Astaire and choreographer Hermes Pan dancing together (discovered in Pan’s closet); ultra-rare commercials and PSAs including comedians Mike Nichols & Elaine May explaining why we should file our taxes (recently found in a garage in Inglewood, California) and much, much more.

Introduction by Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph, who will sign their new book, A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies, in the lobby at 6:30 PM. 90 min. | Screening format: DCP Egyptian Theatre •

Here’s some more about “A Thousand Cuts”

A Thousand Cuts is a candid exploration of one of America’s strangest and most quickly vanishing subcultures. It is about the death of physical film in the digital era and about a paranoid, secretive, eccentric, and sometimes obsessive group of film-mad collectors who made movies and their projection a private religion in the time before DVDs and Blu-rays. The book includes the stories of film historian/critic Leonard Maltin, TCM host Robert Osborne discussing Rock Hudson’s secret 1970s film vault, RoboCop producer Jon Davison dropping acid and screening King Kong with Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore East, and Academy Award–winning film historian Kevin Brownlow recounting his decades-long quest to restore the 1927 Napoleon. Other lesser-known but equally fascinating subjects include one-legged former Broadway dancer Tony Turano, who lives in a Norma Desmond–like world of decaying movie memories, and notorious film pirate Al Beardsley, one of the men responsible for putting O. J. Simpson behind bars. Authors Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph examine one of the least-known episodes in modern legal history: the FBI’s and Justice Department’s campaign to harass, intimidate, and arrest film dealers and collectors in the early 1970s. Many of those persecuted were gay men. Victims included Planet of the Apes star Roddy McDowall, who was arrested in 1974 for film collecting and forced to name names of fellow collectors, including Rock Hudson and Mel Tormé. A Thousand Cuts explores the obsessions of the colorful individuals who created their own screening rooms, spent vast sums, negotiated underground networks, and even risked legal jeopardy to pursue their passion for real, physical film.

Alan Cumming says, “You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams”

alancumming_cover1The Return of ALAN CUMMING! A Live Talks Los Angeles event.

Monday, September 19, 2016 – 8pm

An Evening with Alan Cumming discussing his upcoming book, You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams: And Other Stories My Life in Stories and Pictures

Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre/ New Roads School- Herb Alpert Educational Village -3131 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90404


$20 General Admission Section Seat (on sale Aug. 19) $45 General Admission Section seat + Cumming’s book $50 Reserved Section Seat + book $95 Reception (6:30-7:30pm) + Reserved Section Seat + book

Alan Cumming is an award-winning actor, artist, writer, activist, photographer, and raconteur. He has won an Olivier award for his work on the London stage, and a Tony for his work on Broadway; he appeared in all seven seasons of The Good Wife on CBS for which he received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. He is currently touring a cabaret show Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs and recently released an album of the same name. He is the author of novel Tommy’s Tale and the New York Times best-selling memoir Not My Father’s Son. He last appeared at Live Talks Los Angeles to mark the publication Not My Father’s Son.

“One of the most fun people in show business.” -Time Magazine

Put David Sedaris and Glenn O’Brien in a blender and add a dash of New York and Hollywood gossip, and you wind up with Alan Cumming. In You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams: And Other Stories, Alan Cumming takes the reader on a wild journey of pithy and cheeky fun, presenting his real-life stories of debauchery during late night Hollywood parties, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and hilarious yet poignant memories of his life, family, and friends. In this new book, he recounts hysterical and sometimes embarrassing encounters, from awkwardly entertaining Elizabeth Taylor at Carrie Fisher’s birthday party to being on a movie set with Helen Mirren and being mocked for wearing Croc sandals to making a friend’s day by chasing down Oprah at a glitzy gala for a prized photograph with her. These forty-five stories are humorous novellas, each featuring memorable photographs—many simply snapshots taken by Cumming—that document or illustrate the tale told.screen-shot-2016-05-22-at-3-51-25-pm

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