Night of the ZOMBIES! Trailers & Book signing for the undead!

Wednesday, October 24th @ 7:30 pm

Larry Edmunds Bookshop salutes the Undead!

It seems like everywhere I turn these days there’s a zombie.

Well, this is Hollywood after all so I guess that’s not that unusual. This Wednesday however we will pay special tribute to brain eaters with author Glenn Kay who will be signing his book, “Zombie Movies-the Ultimate Guide” in a brand new revised & updated edition. This volume is seriously expanded from the original and contains more than 400 reviews chronologically from “White Zombie” to “the Walking Dead”. Plenty of photos too.

Foreign zombie films, zombie evolution from voodoo zombies to infected zombies & interviews with behind the scenes people like Greg Nicotero & Tom Savini are all included in this over 400 page book devoted to the undead. Thumbs up reviews from Stuart Gordon and Fangoria among others ought to tell you Glenn Kay has walked  with the zombies and lived to tell the tale.

It’s brain food about brain eaters!

Still not convinced you should be here? Well, then you’ll miss out on zombie trailers & highlights from great zombie moments on celluloid. That’s right, our 7 foot screen will be filled with images of the undead!

Join us in the heart of zombie country, Hollywood Boulevard, this Wednesday night as we celebrate a new way of life, a way that involves not being alive at all!

Can’t drag your limbs here in time? Then order a copy by mail and we’ll send it to you.

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