Fleetwood Mac Attack- “Making Rumours ” w/ producer Ken Caillat!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27th @ 7:30 p.m. here at the LARE !

The Fleetwood Mac album , “Rumours” is one of the definitive classics of it’s time, and has served as not only a musical inspiration to millions, but as a piece of rock n’ roll history behind the scenes. It was a time when excess was not only practiced, but encouraged, and a time when the relationships behind the classic songs where “the players only love you when they’re playing…” were being played out. Co-producer Ken Caillat was there for all of it, living amongst the madness and inspiration that became one of the best selling albums ever and he shares his story and others about Fleetwood Mac when he comes to the store to sign, “Making Rumours” on Wednesday, June 27th here at the store.

We are going to make the night all about the Mac, and Ken will bring a collection of rare personal photos and tell the stories behind them. Some “Rumours” live clips, and some alternate audio will also be on hand, we’re not sure about it all just yet, except it will be all about Fleetwood Mac.You can “Go Your Own Way”, as long as it leads you to the L.E.B. for this rockin’ evening. Showtime will be at 7:30.

If you can’t make it, order a copy and we’ll get it signed and sent.

It’s no rumour, this will be a great night. Where? At the LARE!

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