Double the DAN! A Dan Duryea double bill at the AERO w/ guests!

THURSDAY, JULY 20th- 6:30 pm signing/7:30 pm movies – AERO THEATRE-1328 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica

Dan Duryea double bill w/ author Mike Peros & Richard Duryea! Moderated by Alan K. Rode!

Join us for a great night of noir with this great Dan Duryea double bill in 35mm! You’ll be able to pick up a signed copy of the book, “Dan Duryea-Heel With A Heart” by author Mike Peros as well.

Get a goody bag with each new membership during the Montana Avenue Art Walk, from 5 – 9 PM. Montana Avenue will be transformed into Santa Monica’s longest art gallery … just for one night!
Discussion between films with Dan Duryea’s son Richard Duryea and author Mike Peros, moderated by Alan K. Rode.

35 mm!
1949, Universal, 87 min, USA, Dir: Robert SiodmakWhen he died in 1947, producer Mark Hellinger had just begun pre-production on this crime-infected love story. Thanks to the inspired vision of director Siodmak, CRISS CROSS now stands as perhaps the most darkly poetic rendering of amour fou in all film noir. Burt Lancaster and Dan Duryea plot a daring heist, while vying for the affections of sensual Yvonne DeCarlo. Remade by Stephen Soderbergh as THE UNDERNEATH.


35 mm!
1945, Universal, 81 min, USA, Dir: Roy William Neil
In this spellbinding adaptation of Woolrich’s thriller, noir favorite Dan Duryea gives a terrific performance as a pickled pianist whose estranged wife is murdered. When her husband is charged with the crime, nightclub canary June Vincent enlists drunken Dan’s help in a search for the real culprit. Broderick Crawford and Peter Lorre add muscle and menace to the typically warped Woolrich atmosphere, well rendered by director Roy William Neil.


Here’s more on the book :

Dan Duryea: Heel with a Heart By Mike Peros 240 pages, 63 b&w illustrations, filmography, bibliography


Dan Duryea (1907-1968) made a vivid impression on moviegoers with his firrst major screen appearance as the conniving Leo Hubbard in 1941’s classic melodrama The Little Foxes. His subsequent film and television career would span from 1941 until his death. Duryea remains best known for the nasty, scheming villains he portrayed in such noir masterpieces as Scarlet Street, Criss Cross, and The Woman in the Window. In each of these, he wielded a blend of menace, sleaze and surface charm. This winning combination led him to stardom and garnered him the adoration of female fans, even though Duryea’s onscreen brutality so often targeted female characters. Yet this biography’s close examination of Duryea’s oeuvre finds him excelling in various roles in many genres–war films, westerns, crime dramas, and even the occasional comedy.

Dan Duryea: Heel with a Heart is a full-scale, comprehensive biography that examines the tension between Duryea’s villainous screen image and his Samaritan personal life. At home, he proved one of Hollywood’s most honorable and decent men. Duryea remained married to the former Helen Bryan from 1931 until her death in 1967. A dedicated family man, he and Helen took an active role in raising their children and in the community. In his career, Duryea knew villainous roles were what the public wanted–there would be a public backlash if fans read an article depicting what a decent guy he was. Frustrated that he couldn’t completely shake his screen image and public persona, he wrestled with this restriction throughout his career. Producers and the public did not care to follow any new directions he hoped to pursue. This book, written with Duryea’s surviving son Richard’s cooperation, fully explores the life and legacy of a Hollywood icon ready for rediscovery.

MIKE PEROS, New York, New York, teaches English at Bishop Loughlin High School, including courses on mystery and horror, as well as literature and film. He also reviews films for

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