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Turan Turan! Kenneth Turan & The Lady Eve @ the AERO!

220px-1941.lady.eve 9781586483968
SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 6;30 pm @ the AERO THEATER-Kenneth Turan & The Lady Eve!

When you’re a film critic for the Los Angeles Times & NPR among others, you’ve seen tons of movies. When you became a film critic because you were already addicted to film, you’ve seen even more.

Join me at the AERO Theater this Sunday, April 10 @ 6:30 pm when I join film critic Kenneth Turan who will be signing, “Not To Be Missed-54 Favorites From A Lifetime of Film”, which will be followed by a screening of one of those 54 films, Preston Sturges “The Lady Eve” at 7:30 pm.



THE LADY EVE- Discussion following with Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan.  35 mm!THE LADY EVE 1941, Universal, 97 min, USA, Dir: Preston Sturges Henry Fonda is dim-witted ale heir “Hopsy” Pike (“Snakes are my life”); Barbara Stanwyck is Eve, cardsharp and con artist par excellence. Can this relationship work? Savage but never mean-spirited, this is Sturges at his best, blending violent slapstick, zesty dialogue and genuine romance into a peerless masterwork. With Charles Coburn, William Demarest, Eugene Pallette and Eric Blore.

Illeana-Rama! Illeana Douglas Blames Dennis Hopper.


SATURDAY,MARCH 26 @ 2 pm at Larry Edmunds Bookshop-Illeana Douglas & Friends!!!

Join us for a special Saturday matinee here at the L.E.B. when Illeana Douglas & a cast of characters that are her friends join us here for a very special reading & clips & who knows what else?

Shenanigans. Stay tuned for details on who will be reading on the 26th.

Her love for cinema is full on and she will share stories from her own career in films like , “To Die For” & “Ghost World” as well as one of my favorite t.v. shows ever, “ACTION”.

Hollywood with the curtain peeled back a little bit. Hope to see you on Saturday the 26th. As always you can guarantee a seat by pre-ordering a copy of “I Blame Dennis Hopper” today!

Here’s a little more about the book:

I BLAME DENNIS HOPPER And Other Stories from a Life Lived In and Out of the Movies

From award-winning actress Illeana Douglas comes a memoir about learning to survive in Hollywood while staying true to her quirky vision of the world. In 1969 Illeana Douglas’ parents saw the film Easy Rider and were transformed. Taking Dennis Hopper’s words, “That’s what it’s all about man” to heart, they abandoned their comfortable upper middle class life and gave Illeana a childhood filled with hippies, goats, free spirits, and free love. Illeana writes, “Since it was all out of my control, I began to think of my life as a movie, with a Dennis Hopper-like father at the center of it.” I Blame Dennis Hopper is a testament to the power of art and the tenacity of passion. It is a rollicking, funny, at times tender exploration of the way movies can change our lives. With crackling humor and a full heart, Douglas describes how a good Liza Minnelli impression helped her land her first gig and how Rudy Vallee taught her the meaning of being a show biz trouper. From her first experience being on set with her grandfather and mentor-two-time Academy Award-winning actor Melvyn Douglas-to the moment she was discovered by Martin Scorsese for her blood-curdling scream and cast in her first film, to starring in movies alongside Robert DeNiro, Nicole Kidman, and Ethan Hawke, to becoming an award winning writer, director and producer in her own right, I Blame Dennis Hopper is an irresistible love letter to movies and filmmaking. Writing from the perspective of the ultimate show business fan, Douglas packs each page with hilarious anecdotes, bizarre coincidences, and fateful meetings that seem, well, right out of a plot of a movie. I Blame Dennis Hopper is the story of one woman’s experience in show business, but it is also a genuine reminder of why we all love the movies: for the glitz, the glamor, the sweat, passion, humor, and escape they offer us all.

Illeana Douglas- Celebrated actress, comedienne, writer, producer, director.97707274

Illeana  has starred in films like Goodfellas, Cape Fear, To Die For, Picture Perfect, Ghost World, as well as TV shows from Six Feet Under to Welcome to Sweden. She was an Internet pioneer with Easy To Assemble; millions have watched the web series she created and starred in from 2008 to 2013. As part of the Turner Classic Movies family she hosted Second Looks, and has done film introductions and memorable interviews with some of Hollywood’s greatest. She’s probably watching a movie right now.

Marsha & Mahhhvin!!! Marvin Paige Remembered! Marsha Hunt in person!


marsha_hunts_sweet_adversity_390 jpeg 5151GdVTEQLSUNDAY, JANUARY 31 , 4:30 pm @ the EGYPTIAN THEATRE

Marvin Paige was always a helpful friend to me here at the LARE. My first big guest, Ernest Borgnine was courtesy of his help. So was Stefanie Powers. Thank you Marvin.

Marvin did the same for the American Cinematheque & so many other venues & events throughout Hollywood. The Cinematheque is paying tribute with the 2nd annual Marvin Paige Remembered next Sunday afternoon. It will also be a salute to a dear friend to Marvin & to all of us who love the golden age of Hollywood, the lovely Marsha Hunt.

We’re bringing signed copies of Marsha’s beautiful book, “The Way We Wore” to the party too. If you don’t have a copy and you are a fan of vintage fashion from the Golden Age , it is a book for you!





Marvin Paige Remembered Double Feature!

Marsha Hunt In Person!


Marvin Paige brought countless celebrities to Cinematheque theaters; we remember the legendary casting director in honor of his birthday. Join us at 4:30 PM for a pre-screening reception courtesy of Midcentury Productions in the lobby. Film starts at 5:30 PM.

Discussion between films with actress Marsha Hunt and documentary director Roger C. Memos.

MARSHA HUNT’S SWEET ADVERSITY 2014, 98 min, USA, Dir: Roger C. Memos This fascinating documentary on the life and career of “Golden Age of Hollywood” actress-turned-humanitarian Marsha Hunt includes interviews from such stars as Norman Lloyd, Margaret O’Brien and Harry Belafonte.

WEBSITE Archival 35mm Print! NONE SHALL ESCAPE 1944, Sony Repertory, 85 min, USA, Dir: André De Toth Produced before the end of WWII, this indictment of Nazi evil was remarkably prescient. Alexander Knox is chilling as Wilhelm Grimm, a German officer whose war crimes unfold in flashback during a Nuremberg-like trial; Marsha Hunt gives one of her best performances as Grimm’s former lover. Oscar nominated for Best Original Story.


Stuntwomen & Shooting Women- An afternoon of Women in Film!

9780813166223Saturday, January 30 @ 4 pm at Larry Edmunds Bookshopshooting_women(cover)hires2[3]_front

“Stuntwomen” w/ Mollie Gregory & “Shooting Women” w/ Alexis Krasilovsky

Join us for an afternoon celebrating women in the film industry with 2 great books that examine the special contributions of stuntwomen & women behind the camera.

You never know if some special guests might show up to share stories from the set & the discuss the historical contributions of women in film as well what is happening today.

Author Alexis Krasilovsky brings, “Shooting Women” a book she wrote w/ authors Harriet Margolis & Julia Stein.

Shooting Women takes readers around the world to explore the lives of camerawomen working in features, TV news, and documentaries. From first world pioneers like African American camerawoman Jessie Maple Patton who got her job only after suing the union – to China’s first camerawomen – who travelled with Mao – to rural India where poor women have learned camerawork as a means of empowerment. Shooting Women reveals a world of women working with courage and skill in what has long been seen as a male field.

Alexis Krasilovsky is Professor in the Department of Cinema and Television Arts at California State University, Northridge, where she has taught film production, screenwriting and media theory and criticism. Krasilovsky is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors, the International Documentary Association, Women in Film, and the Writers Guild of America/west.

Mollie Gregory brings her latest, “Stuntwomen-the Untold Hollywood Story”

They’ve traded punches in knockdown brawls, crashed biplanes through barns, and raced to the rescue in fast cars. They add suspense and drama to the story, portraying the swimmer stalked by the menacing shark, the heroine dangling twenty feet below a soaring hot air balloon, or the woman leaping nine feet over a wall to escape a dog attack. Only an expert can make such feats of daring look easy, and stuntwomen with the skills to perform—and survive—great moments of action in movies have been hitting their mark in Hollywood since the beginning of film.

Here, Mollie Gregory presents the first history of stuntwomen in the film industry from the silent era to the twenty-first century. In the early years of motion pictures, women were highly involved in all aspects of film production, but they were marginalized as movies became popular, and more important, profitable. Capable stuntwomen were replaced by men in wigs, and very few worked between the 1930s and 1960s. As late as the 1990s, men wore wigs and women’s clothes to double as actresses, and were even “painted down” for some performances, while men and women of color were regularly denied stunt work. For decades, stuntwomen have faced institutional discrimination, unequal pay, and sexual harassment even as they jumped from speeding trains and raced horse-drawn carriages away from burning buildings. Featuring sixty-five interviews, Stuntwomen showcases the absorbing stories and uncommon courage of women who make their living planning and performing action-packed sequences that keep viewers’ hearts racing.

Mollie Gregory is the author of Women Who Run the Show: How a Brilliant and Creative New Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood, 1973–2000

Stuntwomen, a history of American stuntwomen from silent films up through the movies of the present, is an exhaustively researched, comprehensive volume. Gregory’s book fills a void in film history about this interesting, often overlooked, and vital cog in the film industry. — Sheila Benson, former chief film critic for the Los Angeles Times and writer for the National Society of Film Critics

Mollie Gregory clearly knows her subject inside out, and writes about it vividly and excitingly. — Kevin Brownlow, Film-maker and film historian

A salute to William Cameron Menzies- January 28-31@ the AERO!


The career of William Cameron Menzies covers such a vast amount of ground, I don’t know how the Cinematheque chose what to show. The Lare will be on hand at the Aero Theatre for all 4 nights with our friend, author James Curtis who will be signing his new book, “William Cameron Menzies-The Shape of Films to Come” and introducing the films.

Join us on  Thursday, Jan. 28 for “Our Town”/ Friday, Jan. 29 for “Things To Come” & “Invaders From Mars”/Saturday, Jan. 30 for “Gone With the Wind” /Sunday, January 31 for “Foreign Correspondent” & “Bulldog Drummond”

Book signings every night at 6:30 in the lobby & films starting at 7:30 pm.

Whatever your classic film taste, there’s something for you! See you at the AERO!

About the Book:He was the consummate designer of film architecture on a grand scale, influenced by German expressionism and the work of the great European directors. He was known for his visual flair and timeless innovation, a man who meticulously preplanned the color and design of each film through a series of continuity sketches that made clear camera angles, lighting, and the actors’ positions for each scene, translating dramatic conventions of the stage to the new capabilities of film. Here is the long-awaited book on William Cameron Menzies, Hollywood’s first and greatest production designer, a job title David O. Selznick invented for Menzies’ extraordinary, all-encompassing, Academy Award–winning work on Gone With the Wind (which he effectively co-directed).

It was Menzies—winner of the first-ever Academy Award for Art Direction, jointly for The Dove (1927) and Tempest (1928), and who was as well a director (fourteen pictures) and a producer (twelve pictures)—who changed the way movies were (and still are) made, in a career that spanned four decades, from the 1920s through the 1950s. His more than 120 films include Rosita (1923), Things to Come (1936), Foreign Correspondent (1940), Kings Row (1942), Mr. Lucky (1943), The Pride of the Yankees (1943), For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), Address Unknown (1944), It’s a Wonderful Life (1947), Invaders from Mars (1953), and Around the World in 80 Days (1956).

Now, James Curtis, acclaimed film historian and biographer, writes of Menzies’ life and work as the most influential designer in the history of film. His artistry encompassed the large, scenic drawings of Douglas Fairbanks’ The Thief of Bagdad (1924), which created a new standard for beauty on the screen and whose exotic fairy-tale sets are still regarded as pure genius. (“I saw The Thief of Bagdad when it first came out,” said Orson Welles—he was, at the time, a nine-year-old boy. “I’ll never forget it.”) Curtis writes of Menzies’ design and supervision of John Barrymore’s Beloved Rogue (1927), a film that remains a masterpiece of craft and synthesis, one of the most distinctive pictures to emerge from Hollywood’s waning days of silent films, and of his extraordinary, opulent appointments for Gone With the Wind (1939). It was Menzies who defined and solidified the role of art director as having overall control of the look of the motion picture, collaborating with producers like David O. Selznick and Samuel Goldwyn; with directors such as D. W. Griffith, Raoul Walsh, Alfred Hitchcock, Lewis Milestone, and Frank Capra. And with actors as varied as Ingrid Bergman, W. C. Fields, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, John Barrymore, Barbara Stanwyck, Ronald Reagan, Gary Cooper, Vivien Leigh, Carole Lombard, Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, and David Niven.

Interviewing colleagues, actors, directors, friends, and family, and with full access to the William Cameron Menzies family collection of original artwork, correspondence, scrapbooks, and unpublished writing, Curtis brilliantly gives us the path-finding work of the movies’ most daring and dynamic production designer: his evolution as artist, art director, production designer, and director. Here is a portrait of a man in his time that makes clear how the movies were forever transformed by his startling, visionary work. (With 16 pages of color illustrations, and black-and-white photographs throughout.)

About James Curtis: JAMES CURTIS is the author of Spencer Tracy: A Biography, W. C. Fields: A Biography (winner of the 2004 Theatre Library Association Award, Special Jury Prize), James Whale: A New World of Gods and Monsters, and Between Flops: A Biography of Preston Sturges. Curtis is married and lives in Brea, California.

things to come250px-Film1953-InvadersFromMars-OriginalPostergone_with_the_wind_smbulldog-drummond-movie-poster-1929-10205333811362Original_movie_poster_for_the_film_Our_Town_(1940_film)

The Big Sleep turns 70 w/ author Phoef Sutton!


Author Phoef Sutton In Person!


Introduction by author Phoef Sutton, who will sign “Crush”, his new novel about an L.A. bouncer caught up in intrigue, in the lobby at 6:30 PM.

Free to Members, with a pre-screening Members-only reception courtesy of FilmLA. Regular ticket pricing for non-Members.

35 mm!70th Anniversary! THE BIG SLEEP 1946, Warner Bros., 114 min, USA, Dir: Howard Hawks The second of the Bacall-Bogart-Hawks collaborations turns Raymond Chandler’s acidic novel into a surprisingly exuberant piece of escapist entertainment. Packed with quotable lines (courtesy not only of Chandler but screenwriters William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett, and Jules Furthman) and colorful supporting players (including Dorothy Malone and Elisha Cook Jr.), it’s both an elaborately plotted detective story and a breezy (and hilarious) romantic comedy. Bogart is sardonic private eye Philip Marlowe and Bacall is the fast, funny and very sexy daughter of his wealthy and mysterious client.

Here’s a little more about “Crush”:

L.A. BODYGUARD CRUSH MUST UNTANGLE THE MESS OF A BILLIONAIRE TYCOON AND HIS WILD DAUGHTER Caleb Rush, aka Crush, is the toughest, coolest bodyguard/bouncer in Los Angeles, a man who lives strictly to his own moral code, which doesn’t exactly hew to the standards of U.S. law. When Amelia Trask, the wild daughter of a scruples-free billionaire tycoon, comes to Crush for help, his quiet life roars into overdrive, and he has to use his wits, brawn, martial-arts training, and knowledge of the Russian mafia to stay alive and untangle the mess than young Amelia has wrought. Crush is a rollicking, page-turning ride through L.A., full of action, suspense, memorable characters, and a sly wit, from Emmy-winning writer Phoef Sutton.crush-final


Phoef Sutton is television writer, novelist, and playwright whose work has won two Emmys, a Peabody, a Writers Guild Award, a GLAAD Award, and a Television Academy Honors Award. He was an executive producer of Cheers, a writer/producer for such shows as Boston Legal and NewsRadio, a writer for Terriers, and the creator of several TV shows, including the cult hit Thanks. He is the co-author with Janet Evanovich of the brand-new New York Times bestseller Wicked Charms; he’s working with Evanovich on another in the series now. Phoef is also the author of the romantic thriller 15 Minutes to Live and the co-author of a new serialized novel, Dead Man. Listen to his interview on CooperTalk as he talks about his TV career, how he got into writing books, and his newer novels — including Crush.

THE BUZZ IS BUILDING A Summer Reading Page-Turner! “With nonstop action and variations on the man-with-a-gun distraction that go Chandler one better, Crush is also an homage of sorts to Chandler’s pulp fiction and, moreover, Elmore Leonard’s crime fiction. Like Leonard, Sutton writes great dialogue and lavishes almost as much care and attention on his villains as he does his heroes.” — Los Angeles Times “This brief novel crackles with sharp dialogue — “if you can’t lie to your wife, who can you lie to?”— and a witty narrative voice that put the reader in mind of Elmore Leonard… This one could make it to the big screen, but don’t wait for the movie. Buy the book. It may be the first of a long series.” — Kirkus Reviews “

As slick as a switchblade with a pearl handle.” — LEE CHILD, the New York Times–bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novelsHumphrey-Bogart-and-Laure-001

Annex - Bogart, Humphrey (Big Sleep, The)_03

HAPPY 2016! the Many Lives of Cy Endfield @ the WILDER!

cy endfield


SATURDAY,JANUARY 9th @ 6:30 pm at the Billy Wilder Theater in Westwood

The Hammer Museum-10899 Wilshire Boulevard

HAPPY 2016 movie & book fans!

Here’s hoping you have had a wonderful holiday season, but enough time with family & friends already! It’s time for movies & books!

Here at the LARE we are getting ready to fire up the New Year with another stellar line-up of guests & screenings & signings with many of the best in the business. We started last year off at the Billy Wilder, and here we go again! Wishing you all the finest of years & hoping we see soon you sooner than later.

Join us this Saturday, January 9th  for the opening night of “Sound & Fury: The Films of Cy Endfield” with a fantastic noir double  bill, “The Underworld Story” & “Try and Get Me” .

On hand will be author Brian Neve who will be signing copies of his latest book, “The Many Lives of Cy Endfield” in the lobby at 6:30 pm before the films.

The schedule for the films, which will also include “Hell Drivers” & “Zulu” can be found at :

Here’s a little more about the book :

The Many Lives of Cy Endfield Film Noir, the Blacklist, and Zulu

Cy Endfield (1914–1995) was a filmmaker who was also fascinated by the worlds of close-up magic, science, and invention. After directing several distinctive low-budget films in Hollywood, he was blacklisted in 1951 and fled to Britain rather than “name names” before HUAC, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Un-American Activities Committee. The Pennsylvania-born Endfield made films that exhibit an outsider’s eye for his adopted country, including the working-class “trucking” drama Hell Drivers and the cult film Zulu—a war epic as politically nuanced as it is spectacular. Along the way he encountered Orson Welles, collaborated with pioneering animator Ray Harryhausen, published a book of his card magic, and co-invented an early word processor that anticipated today’s technology. The Many Lives of Cy Endfield is the first book on this fascinating figure. The fruit of years of archival research and personal interviews by Brian Neve, it documents Endfield’s many identities: among them second-generation immigrant, Jew, Communist, and exile. Neve paints detailed scenes not only of the political and personal dramas of the blacklist era, but also of the attempts by Hollywood directors in the postwar 1940s and early 1950s to address social and political controversies of the day. Out of these efforts came two crime melodramas (what would become known as film noir) on inequalities of class and race: The Underworld Story and The Sound of Fury (also known as Try and Get Me!). Neve reveals the complex production and reception histories of Endfield’s films, which the critic Jonathan Rosenbaum saw as reflective of “an uncommon intelligence so radically critical of the world we live in that it’s dangerous.” The Many Lives of Cy Endfield is at once a revealing biography of an independent, protean figure, an insight into film industry struggles, and a sensitive and informed study of an underappreciated body of work.

Brian Neve is an honorary reader in politics and film at the University of Bath. He is the author of Film and Politics in America: A Social Tradition and Elia Kazan: The Cinema of an American Outsider and coeditor of “Un-American” Hollywood: Politics and Film in the Blacklist Era.


Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays (w/ Karie & Mary) & classic Christmas flicks!

978-0-7643-4964-5Larry Edmunds Bookshop sure was happy to host the launch party for our friends Karie Bible & Mary Mallory last month here in the store.

Now, they’re back with 3 great nights of Christmas cheer and the great holiday gift book for a loved one or yourself this holiday season!

Join us for 2 nights at the AERO THEATER in Santa Monica & 1 night at the EGYPTIAN THEATER , see a holiday classic & get a great signed book too!


WHITE CHRISTMAS / HOLIDAY INN Introduction by Karie Bible and Mary Mallory, who will sign their book, Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays, in the lobby at 6:30 PM.

WHITE CHRISTMAS 1954, Paramount, 120 min, Dir: Michael Curtiz Director Michael Curtiz’s (CASABLANCA) Christmas classic was Paramount’s first film shot in widescreen Vistavision. Army buddies turned postwar song-and-dance team Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye find romance with Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen while rescuing their former commanding officer (Dean Jagger) from financial ruin. With 13 songs highlighted by the train rendition of Irving Berlin’s “Snow” and the Oscar-nominated “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep.”

HOLIDAY INN 1942, Universal, 100 min, USA, Dir: Mark Sandrich In an all-too-rare pairing, Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire star as song-and-dance men vying for the heart of Marjorie Reynolds while performing at a club open only on holidays. Irving Berlin supplied the film’s story and all of its songs, including Oscar winner “White Christmas.” This musical gem inspired the name of the famous hotel chain.



IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Introduction by Karie Bible and Mary Mallory, who will sign their book, Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays, in the lobby at 6:30 PM.

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE 1946, Paramount, 130 min, Dir: Frank Capra Director Frank Capra’s inspiring classic balances pathos and joy in the tale of distraught George Bailey (James Stewart at his finest), who is about to commit suicide on Christmas Eve – until helpful, elderly angel Clarence (Henry Travers) shows him how his death would affect those around him. Featuring Donna Reed as the love of George’s life in the role that launched her to stardom, and a young, charming Gloria Grahame. If you’ve only seen it on TV, see it now on the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen!

Here’s more on the book:

Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays: 1920–1970 Karie Bible & Mary Mallory

Marvelously illustrated with more than 200 rare images from the silent era through the 1970s, this joyous treasure trove features film and television’s most famous actors and actresses celebrating the holidays, big and small, in lavishly produced photographs. Join the stars for festive fun in celebrating a variety of holidays, from New Year’s to Saint Patrick’s Day to Christmas and everything in between. Legends such as Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, and Audrey Hepburn spread holiday cheer throughout the calendar year in iconic, ironic, and illustrious style. These images, taken by legendary stills photographers, hearken back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, when motion picture studios devised elaborate publicity campaigns to promote their stars and to keep their names and faces in front of the movie-going public all year round. itsawonderfullife390_0_5_4


“Mary” Christmas w/ Mary-Louise Parker & Mary Karr! Live Talks finale for 2016!

Mary-Louise-Parker-by-Tina-Turnbow An Evening with Mary-Louise Parker in conversation with Mary Karr discussing her memoir in letters Dear Mr. You

Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre/ New Roads School/ Herb Alpert Educational Village

3131 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90404

PURCHASE TICKETS- $20 General Admission/ $43 Includes Reserved Section Seating, Parker’s memoir/ $65 Includes Reserved Section seats for two, Parker’s memoir/ $95 Includes Reserved Section seats, Pre-Reception and 2 books (Parker’s and Karr’s)

Mary Louise Parker is a Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe award-winning actress, starring in Weeds, Angels in America, and Showtime’s forthcoming series Lit, in which she plays Mary Karr. Her writing has appeared in Esquire, The Riveter, Bust, and The Bullet. Written as a series of letters to the men — real and hypothetical — who have made significant impact on her life, Dear Mr. You, is as unconventional in its form as in its telling. Beginning with the grandfather she never knew, the letters range from a missive to the beloved priest from her childhood to remembrances of former lovers to an homage to a firefighter she encountered to a heartfelt communication with the uncle of the infant daughter she adopted, and the future man who will love that daughter. Parker, among others, also writes to a coworker in a loincloth at her co-op; to a taxi driver she screamed at during a dark period and to the orderly assigned to her after the birth of her son.Screen-Shot-2015-08-12-at-10.18.47-AM



Mary Karr is the author of the upcoming, The Art of Memoir, and three award-winning, bestselling memoirs: The Liars’ Club, Cherry, and Lit. A Guggenheim Fellow in poetry, Karr has won Pushcart Prizes for both verse and essays. Other grants include the Whiting Writer’s Award, PEN’s Martha Albrand Award, and Radcliffe’s Bunting Fellowship. The Peck Professor of Literature at Syracuse University, she is currently adapting her books for a Showtime series based on her life.ArtMemoir_HC_c-1

In The Art of Memoir, she synthesizes her expertise as professor and therapy patient, writer and spiritual seeker, recovered alcoholic and “black belt sinner,” providing a unique window into the mechanics and art of the form that is as irreverent, insightful, and entertaining as her own work in the genre. Anchored by excerpts from her favorite memoirs and anecdotes from fellow writers’ experience, The Art of Memoir lays bare Karr’s own process. (Plus all those inside stories about how she dealt with family and friends get told— and the dark spaces in her own skull probed in depth.) As she breaks down the key elements of great literary memoir, she breaks open our concepts of memory and identity, and illuminates the cathartic power of reflecting on the past; anybody with an inner life or complicated history, whether writer or reader, will relate.

“On the Town” & SINATRA 100 @ the Egyptian w/ Charles Pignone!


41nZc8vapwL._SX400_BO1,204,203,200_THURSDAY,DECEMBER 10 @ 6:30 pm @ the EGYPTIAN THEATER in HOLLYWOOD – SINATRA 100!

Join us & author Charles Pignone, who will sign copies of his book, Sinatra 100 in the lobby at 6:30 PM & then introduce the evening program of , “The House I Live in” & “On the Town”.

SINATRA ON SCREEN: A CENTENNIAL SALUTE ON THE TOWN CONTEST! Through December 9th: Enter for a chance to win a $200 Musso & Frank Gift Card + 4-Night “Sinatra On Screen” Series Movie Pass for two! Just post a video of yourself to Twitter or Instagram singing your favorite Sinatra song & include the following in your caption: “Celebrating #Sinatra’s 100th by entering the #MussoAndFrank & @Sidgrauman #SinatraCentennial contest”. You can also enter on Facebook by posting your video to the wall of the Egyptian Theatre page. Winner will be drawn on Dec 9th at 5:00 pm. All ticket buyers will be eligible to win a copy of the “Ultimate Sinatra” CD boxed set courtesy of UMe/Capitol Recordings.

Program begins with a short: “The House I Live In” (1945, 11 min. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy) In this Honorary Oscar winner, Frank Sinatra takes a break from a recording session to offer a gang of kids a lesson in religious tolerance.

Followed by: ON THE TOWN 1949, Warner Bros., 98 min, USA, Dir: Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin are three sailors on leave in New York who find romance – and plenty of song and dance – with Vera-Ellen, Ann Miller and Betty Garrett over the course of their day at liberty in the big city. The creative team of Kelly and Donen, producer Arthur Freed and writers Adolph Green and Betty Comden would reunite three years later to make SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN.

More about the book:

A captivating tribute to one of the best-loved performers the world has ever known.

‘This is Frank Sinatra as you’ve never seen him before, in an intimate collection of rare and unpublished photographs to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth’ – The Mail on Sunday

‘A visual treat … page after page of pictures in which, in one glorious get-up after another, Sinatra proves Dean Martin’s contention that it’s Frank’s world. We just live in it’– Spectator

Frank Sinatra was an entertainer of mesmerizing talent, charisma and style. As well as being one of the bestselling musical artists of all time, he was an Academy Award-winning actor who starred in over sixty movies, and a cultural icon of seismic influence. Published as part of the celebrations to commemorate Frank Sinatra’s one-hundredth birthday, Sinatra 100 follows the full trajectory of his remarkable life, from his childhood in 1930s New Jersey through legendary Las Vegas performances in the 1960s to world tours that extended into his late seventies. Created in close collaboration with the Sinatra family and Frank Sinatra Enterprises, this momentous book captures the man in public and private, with exclusive unseen photographs and memorabilia from the family archives, as well as the most iconic images, outtakes and contact sheets from celebrated photo shoots. In candid accounts from his closest friends and associates, a portrait emerges of a man who was intensely loyal to his friends, enthusiastically devoted to charity and who demonstrated exceptional stamina and resilience in a career that spanned an incredible six decades. Featuring afterwords by Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Tina Sinatra, Sinatra 100 is the definitive celebration of the ultimate entertainer, whose unique and enduring legacy continues to win him fans in every generation, all over the world.

Charles Pignone is a producer and writer. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Sinatra Treasures, The Sinatra Family Photo Album and co-author of The Copa: Jules Podell and The Hottest Club North Of Havana. He has produced numerous albums including Frank Sinatra: Nothing But The Best and the television special Sinatra Sings. Pignone has been associated with the Sinatra family for over thirty years.

Tony Bennett is a singer and painter. In terms of his artistry and accomplishments, Mr. Bennett is in a class of his own.

Steve Wynn who contributes a forward, is the founder of Wynn Resorts Ltd. Mr. Wynn is a visionary and legendary figure in the hotel and casino industry. on-the_town_390

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