“Carnival of Souls” w/ actress Candace Hilligoss at the EGYPTIAN!

SUNDAY, JUNE 4th-7:30 pm-Book Signing with film & discussion to follow at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

Star Candace Hilligoss In Person! We are very happy to welcome Candace Hilligoss for a book signing, a conversation & a screening of the classic, “Carnival of Souls”. This will be a great evening at the Egyptian!


Discussion following the film with Candace Hilligoss, moderated by Alan K. Rode.

Join us at 7:30 PM in the lobby, where Ms. Hilligoss will sign her book, The Odyssey and the Idiocy, Marriage to an Actor, a Memoir.

CARNIVAL OF SOULS 1962, 78 min, USA, Dir: Herk Harvey After a devastating car accident that kills her friends, Mary Henry takes a new job in a new town and tries to start over – but a phantom figure follows her until she visits an abandoned carnival and dark secrets come to light. Herk Harvey’s surrealist masterpiece is one of the great classics of the horror genre .

More about the book:


I once was told there are three kinds of men I should never marry. Working actors. Non-working actors. Between jobs actors. That describes my husband to a T. For twenty years, I hung in with this guy. Supported him, massaged his ego, responded to his every whim, cried with him, rejoiced with him, and had his children. And, all the while, gave up my career in theater and film so I could stand by him until at last he knew success. And with his success came adulation, and with adulation, came sexual affairs, and with sexual affairs came divorce. If the marriage was hell, divorce proceedings were Armageddon. He did everything to intimidate me, belittle me and frighten me. Do I regret that I never married the boy back home? Absolutely not. If had stayed in Huron, South Dakota, I would have missed the experiences with: Marilyn Monroe, Mel Brooks, Vivian Blaine, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Daniel Mann, Jacqueline Onassis, Roy Scheider, Kurt Vonnegut and a summer living with Veronica Lake. My odyssey began when I attended the University of Iowa, Iowa City then, a year after graduating from The American Theatre Wing, I danced at NYC’s Copacabana before gangsters and celebrities as one of the “World Famous Copa Girls.” At the same time, I was accepted into Lee Strasberg’s acting classes. It was there I met my charming future husband. How could I ever have guessed that years later, he would file for a divorce during the longest Screen Actors Guild strike in the union’s history. And that is just ACT ONE …


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